Mocha: The Happy Lab who Loves holus BBQ CBD Treats

Mocha is an 11 year old chocolate Lab. Her dad was a chocolate Lab. Her mom was a black Lab. So, I tell people I have a dark chocolate Lab. It's kind of cute. But, Mocha is 11 years old. She's an only dog, and she acts like it.

Couple of things I can talk to you about Mocha is that she likes to fetch her ball, and she played hard when she was younger. We spent a lot of time in the lake fishing, and watching her swim, and we do a lot of grouse hunting out in the woods, and she's a very active dog. Most Labs are high strung and very active.

One thing about Mocha is I call her my 10,000 dollar free dog because she's had two knee surgeries on her back legs. She had surgery when she had a litter of puppies, and she's had a couple other minor surgeries with the some other things that are going on with her. And so, It's kind of funny, when an animal becomes part of your life and is with you when you're on the four-wheeler or going for trips to the store, and working around the house mowing grass, you definitely want to take care of them.

One thing with her being 11 years old, is she has arthritis in her back legs where she had the surgeries. It's a normal thing to happen, and you notice that she walks a little slower, and it takes her a few minutes to warm up, and get everything working in the morning with her legs and her joints. So, in the past I've given her things to help her with her arthritis, and some of the materials or medicines are just not natural.  If you look a the ingredients list you don’t even know what half the stuff is. 

One thing I started doing here about six months ago is I started giving her some tinctures, some CBD oil. It's helped her. She can't talk and tell me hey, yeah what you're giving me makes me feel better, but I do notice that she seems to sleep better, and she's more calm. Mocha likes the bbq cbd dog treats a lot; I want to keep my dog healthy. I want to keep her as long as I can, and she's a part of our family, and she likes to be a part of everything that's going on.

So, it's very important to me that I take care of her and feed her good food and give her the supplements and medicines that she needs because I want to keep my dog around as long as I can. Thank you for this time to meet Mocha, and someday who knows you may get to meet Mocha. She thinks that everybody likes her as much as she likes them so, and there hasn't been anybody that she hasn't liked. She's a very friendly, kind dog. Thank you for this time.

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