Get Your Travel On With CBD Oil Roll On

What Is A CBD Oil Roll On?

A CBD oil roll on is one of many topical forms of CBD. It is an absorbable ointment infused with CBD extract and other active oils or ingredients for any individuals well-being. Essential oils such as soothing lavender or fresh lemon may also be added for additional benefits. Other extracts like aloe vera, menthol, and coconut oil are commonly found in roll-ons. 

Take relief wherever you go with this lightweight, compact CBD roll on stick from hōlus pure premium CBD. Both convenient for travel and an inflammation aid, from backpacking in the toughest terrain to surviving that meeting that should have been an email, the CBD roll on stick fits all as your travel friendly ally. 

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Traveling With CBD Oil

CBD oil containing at or less than 0.3% THC is a legal carry on for travel. The 2016 Farm Bill erased CBD as a controlled substance within the United States, making it legal. Marijuana and many cannabis infused products were unchanged as controlled substances, making them remain as federally illegal to handle and possess. 



Flying With CBD

Under the Transportation Security Administration within the United States' Department of Homeland Security, any suspected violations of law are to be reported by all TSA officers to local, state, or federal authorities. Special instructions are administered for those possessing medical marijuana, assuming you have a certified medical marijuana card. TSA officers hold the final decision for suspicious items or substances. 

With that in mind, having either your medical marijuana card or your CBD product’s COA within reach will be helpful for verification if questioned. 

What Is A COA?

COA stands for a Certificate Of Analysis. This is a product’s seal of purity, quality assurance, and authenticity. Avoid products that do not provide these certificates. These lab reports are especially important when purchasing CBD products. 

From hemp plant to product, the standard of THC must be 0.3% THC or less. An estimated 20% of hemp lots will need to be destroyed in 2020 alone, reported Hemp Industry Daily as cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). As mentioned in the USDA Hemp Rules: A Handbook For Hemp And CBD Business, failed crops that exceed a 0.3% THC level must be destroyed and left unused. 

CBD products too can exceed this amount. Continual testing must be done throughout processing. As a company built on science, we are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Every customer has the privilege of viewing their hōlus products lab reports, including our customer favorite muscle rub or roll on. 

In addition, although many company’s may use organic hemp in their products, if they do not carry the USDA Organic seal, it is not officially a certified organic product. Hōlus has a vast range of both USDA organic and non-organic products. 

Reading labels carefully and double checking a product’s COA will give you sound mind that your purchase is safe. The hōlus team of experts strive for quality perfection and safe hemp derived CBD products for travel. 

Get Pure And Get Premium 

In search of a CBD rich travel friendly product? Experience CBD at a new level with a pure and premium CBD roll on stick. Thoroughly tested in our on-site laboratory by industry recognized PH.D. scientists and lab technicians, we strive for consistent quality control. 

Hōlus pure premium CBD has got you covered with quality approved products for strong results and lasting effects. We create a beautiful, mild and easy to use oil, that maintains the critical nutrients of CBD. Feel confident in your own body with an organic and American grown, hemp derived CBD oil roll on. 

Air travel Ally CBD Roll On Stick

Air travel can fatigue us easily. Switching time zones, feeling immobile for hours, or not drinking enough water in flight can suck the energy right out of you. Airplane rides affect our bodies in more ways than we think.

Inflammation and swelling is a common side affect when traveling by air. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. Inactivity at high altitudes for long periods of time causes blood to pool, especially near the ankles. In addition, your position can also increase the likeliness of ankle swelling. Although inflammation isn't a serious problem, it is still a discomfort many can't stand. 

Inflammation is our bodies natural protective response to an irritation. High pressure can irritate our bodies and cause swelling, a sign of inflammation. Managing air travel discomfort couldn't have been made easier than with a travel friendly CBD roll in stick! 

There are other advantageous approaches to use if inflammation occurs around the foot area...

Stay hydrated with water and other fluids. Often times plane rides dehydrate our bodies. Because air circulating within airplane cabins gets pulled from the outside, cabins have low humidity levels and hardly no moisture (Cleveland Clinic 2018 as cited from Matthew Goldman, MD). Packing an empty water bottle before take off and filling later will help with hydration. Small lotions or CBD infused lotion will help maintain moisture. 

Flexing your calve muscles, circling your ankles, switching positions, and wearing loose clothing are other ways to prevent potential ankle swelling in high altitude situations (Sheldon G. Sheps, 2019). 

Why CBD Roll On Sticks Are The Best CBD For Inflammation

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. It inhibits inflammation when applied topically, making roll ons a justifiable purchase. 

CBD is one of hundreds of other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This distinct ingredient connects naturally within our endocannabinoid system. Our ECS (endocannabinoid system) regulates our resting state or homeostasis. It maintains such functions as our sleep cycle, pain levels, metabolism, and inflammation. CBD slows does inflammatory agents otherwise scheduled toward the area needed. 

Signaling molecules, like eicosanoids, travel through signaling pathways to initiate the inflammation response. CBD inhibits a specific eicosanoids enzyme called COX2, reducing the amount of inflammation our bodies create. Many NSAID's target this enzyme, such as aspirin and advil. Both OTC drugs are effective, but if you are one to hate pills, a roll on may be just for you.  

Choosing The Best CBD For Inflammation

Where do I begin to look for anti-inflammatory CBD products? What is the best?

For starters, brands that provide COA’s are trustworthy, quality approved brands. Look for these certifications. Second, the ingredients chosen by your brand of interest will make all the difference. Size for means of travel is an extra option to consider. 

Menthol is a natural anti-inflammatory compound sourced from the mint family. This organic ingredient creates a cooling and refreshing feeling on the skin followed by warmth. We choose menthol as an active ingredient in our roll-ons to alleviate discomfort and swelling. 

Coconut oil is a fast absorption ingredient. It has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. For fast effects, coconut oil is a great inclusion and also improves shelf like dramatically. We choose coconut oil for fast activating results.

You simply cannot go wrong with aloe vera. A recognized beauty and healing ingredient for skin conditions, sunburns, moisturizers, soothing relief, and suntan lotions, aloe vera is a unique and popular plant. This jelly substances adds a unique vibe to our CBD infused roll-ons. The aloe vera plant is a great natural resource for burns, itchiness, cuts, wounds, and inflammation. 

These are top anti-inflammatory ingredients to look for in a CBD roll on for travel. Our 3 fl oz muscle gel roll-on fits smoothly in tight places. Both air travel friendly or mountain trekking lightweight, our roll on gets the job done for lasting comfort. 

Don't Let Inflammation Ruin Your Vacation

The Holus CBD roll on stick fits every individuals lifestyle to a T. Its smooth roll and compact size makes it travel friendly for all seasons. Ski down Colorado's breathtaking mountain resorts  or rock that hammocking hobby with our pocket sized roll on. 

The Holus CBD roll stick is a customer favorite, as an expert creation, it is a scientifically based formulation for purity and consistency. 

Providing deep relief and reducing inflammation, this natural wellness CBD product is both organic and quality cannabinoid rich. Holus strives for pure and premium CBD products to touch every manner of living. You'll find the best CBD for inflammation in our CBD unfused roll on stick.  

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