Unlike most CBD companies, we are vertically integrated and control each step of the manufacturing process of hōlus pure premium CBD products.



Pure wellness begins with high quality, nutrient-rich, organic hemp. At hōlus pure premium CBD products, we proudly partner with hemp farmers from across the United States and develop strong relationships that value their time intensive work. In addition to collaboration on the grow season, we also provide proprietary harvesting tools that allow farmers to bring their harvest to processing faster, to best capture all of the nutrients of the precious hemp flower bud. 


Once we’ve received the hemp harvest from our partner farmers, we begin processing the hemp flowers through “Clean & Green” technology in our GMP compliant facility. We are proud to use industry leading extraktLAB supercritical CO2 extractors, which allow us to achieve consistent purity and high cannabinoids in our oil (up to 95% cannabinoid recovery). Our facility is able to process 10 tons of biomass per day, with onsite PhD separation chemists, for full control over the quality of our oil.


As a company built on science, we are committed to thorough and professional third party testing. Our distillate oil is rigorously and independently tested for quality assurance and potency testing. Each batch of distillate is tested to ensure there are no chemicals present, as well as cannabinoid percentage and THC level (under .03% for full spectrum oil). We strive for the best results, for your customer’s pure well being.


GMP Compliance, and ISO certification, is the foundation of our manufacturing business. We are proud to partner with an award-winning copacker for our skin care formulations, and generate our tinctures in-house with our team of dedicated chemists. We take great pride in the quality we adhere to in the production of our products, from farm to shelf, for the best, most effective, CBD products on the market.


As a vertically integrated company, we are able to internally manage all product shipping, throughout the world. Simply select the products you wish to sell and our team of shipping experts will manage their distribution through our dedicated logistics partners.