Nemadji Mgmt, LLC

Nemadji Bulk Hemp CBD Distillate


CBD Distillate is made from crude oil that has been extracted from Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp. The process involves , removal of the waxes with CO2, stripping the terpenes out of the extracted materials with the extraktLAB DUAL-STILL DISTILLIZER, and finally finishing the distillate to improve the potency and to produce a golden yellow oil. Upon cooling, CBD typically will crystallize out so that it becomes opaque. Depending on the hemp strain, minor cannabinoids may include CBG, CBN, CBC, and most importantly, BFD.

 *Note: product images are renderings and different than actual products


Potency: 60-80% CBD, <0.3% THC

Terpenes: limited terpene odor

Color: yellow to whitish yellow

Weight:  1 kg

Test Results:  Find test results here


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